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Stamping down on verbal abuse Posted on 28 Oct 2021


Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen an increase in verbal abuse from patients. Mainly with regards to seeing a GP. Unfortunately inaccurate stories in the press and on the news about GP surgeries being “closed” are becoming the main reason for us being attacked.

The surgery has been here for you, the entire time since the pandemic started. We have never closed and have even fought with minimum staff to stay open while some staff members have tested positive for coronavirus and have needed to isolate at home.

Our current way of working is by triaging all patients first. Those that need to be seen in practice (face to face) are offered appointments. Those that can be treated over eConsult/telephone safely, will be.

The guidance has been implemented by Welsh Government and we are adhering to the rule for as long as we are told to do so.

Unfortunately today our main GP was accused of sitting in his room “twiddling his thumbs”. The same GP that works close on 10-11 hours a day, every week, making sure the surgery operates as it should be. We will not accept any verbal abuse and false accusations on this scale.

We’ve been accused of hiding and sitting back doing nothing for long enough. 

Letters of warning will be sent to patients that continue to verbally abuse us.

Our staff do not come to work to be abused. The ‘be kind’ movement and ‘clap for carers/NHS’ is a distant memory. We’d appreciate your understanding and support.

If you are unhappy with our service, you are well within your right to register with another surgery. We just hope you treat them with more respect.

Thank you.

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