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Non-NHS Services

Private Medical Insurances / Examinations etc.

These are NOT covered by the NHS.

For completion of any private work, you will need to discuss your requirements with a Doctor.

Medical examinations are by appointment only.

Services provided in the surgery that are not covered by the NHS and a charge is payable, include:

  • Medical examinations for employment
  • HGV/PSV and sports medicals
  • Private medical certificates
  • Non NHS insurance forms
  • Letter of support for incapacity etc (To whom it may concern letters)
  • Blue Badge support letters
  • Holiday cancellation forms,
  • Bank Loan insurance forms
  • Sick notes for the first week of sickness
  • Medical certificates or letters of incapacity for school/work.
  • Prescriptions for medication to be taken abroad
  • Prescriptions for non NHS medications i.e. - private prescriptions
  • Forms/Letters for sporting competitions

Please speak to a member of staff for more details and fees applicable.

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