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Please see our practice area to see if you are able to register with us. If your address isn't in our boundary, you will have to register with a surgery within your local area.

Please attend the surgery in person in the afternoon. Mornings are very busy so we ask you to make every effort to attend in the afternoon so we can go through the registration process with you and give you the relevant information on the surgery. You will be provided with relevant application forms for each member of your family. You will also be given a health and ethnicity questionnaire to complete for each family member, which should only take a few minutes. You will also be provided with an acceptable behaviour contract which you will need to sign.

We require your NHS number before registering you. This can be obtained by calling your previous GP surgery. Registration is delayed without this information.

Registration takes at least 48 hours. You will be advised during the registration process when you are able to see/speak a doctor. You will not be able to see/speak to a doctor the same day you register, unless it is an emergency. This will then be up to a doctor's discretion.

For more information on how to complete the registration form, please read the following link;

Patient Registration Guidelines GMS1 (PDF, 170KB)

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